Fundraising Books

Fundraising Books

Fundraising Books by category. As we review the books we will add the comments here.

Benefit Auctions: A Fresh Formula for Grassroots Fundraising

Sandy Bradley

Our comment: This book covers the end to end process of running a Fundraising Auction, covering both Live and Silent Auction Requirements. It's easy to read for someone new to running auction events. The book has images of a number of sample documents and tracking sheets.

This book is focused towards larger auctions, as such it discusses ideal locations, how to hire an auctioneer, and use of volunteers. However a lot of the information on soliciting donations, attendees and creation of catalogs and bid sheets are equally applicable for any size auction.

The Big Book of Benefit Auctions

Jay R. Fiske, Corinne A. Fiske

Auction Fundraising Simplified

Judy L. Anderson

Shake the Money Tree: How to Produce a Winning Fundraising Event with a Live and Silent Auction

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